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Get your own online store brand with a ShopSnap partnership.

What do all of your customers have in common?

They all use an online store to sell their products.

ShopSnap is the world’s first turn-key white label ecommerce platform, designed to increase your sales.

We make it possible for your customers to run to their online business under your brand.

How much do your customers spend on their online store?

What if you could bundle their store into your bill?

How would that change your revenue?

Will it double? Or even triple?

Partnering with ShopSnap means we take care of everything:

Setup, integration, hosting and support. We even give you an automated demo system, so your customers can sample before they buy.

Stop falling behind! With your personal online store brand you will:

  • Add a new revenue stream from your new and existing customers.
  • Create brand loyalty: Customers that host their business with you are customers for life.
  • Bill bundling is powerful for customer retention. Your customers love convenience.
  • Your logo at the bottom of every store creates exposure that is far greater then what your marketing efforts can achieve. Let your customers market you!

The ShopSnap platform is built from the ground up to be mobile-ready and easily customized. And because it's safely hosted in the cloud, the ways we can customize it to fit your specific needs, products, and shoppers are limitless.
ShopSnap can be easily integrated with QuickBooks, 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) providers, shipping systems, tax calculators, literally anything via API. Which means that offering an integrated Web Store solution to your clients is faster and revenue starts coming in sooner.

Here's how one of our partners, e-Tigers, has benefitted from their ShopSnap partnership:

e-Tigers is an end-to-end solution that covers the entire spectrum of expertise and services required for a brands’ entry to the world’s largest e-retail markets and designed to provide the lowest door-delivered cost for the products. Low risk, low cost options allow Resellers to test the market and refine their strategy, whilst more sophisticated solutions support more mature or aggressive market entry campaigns.
But e-Tigers clients were asking for an easy-to-use integrated Web Store solution to facilitate selling on the web. E-Tigers decided to partner with ShopSnap as their preferred ecommerce Web Store provider as opposed to trying to become Shopping Cart software experts and take on the high cost of engineers, hardware, etc.
ShopSnap and e-Tigers worked together to ensure ShopSnap's ecommerce platform was integrated seamlessly with e-Tigers existing end-to-end supply chain system. Now, e-Tigers clients can easily create Web Stores and import products from their e-Tigers system in less than 1 minute. ShopSnap supports the partnership by providing training to e-Tigers Sales Teams and provided materials so they felt confident offering the ShopSnap solution to new and existing e-Tigers' customers.

ShopSnap and e-Tigers are integrated so the systems talk to each other via API so that e-Tigers retailers can automatically:

  • Get Sales Order by Status or Date
  • Update Order Status on one or more products
  • Update quantities on one or more products
  • Update Shipping Status and add tracking numbers
  • And much more!

Take the first step to a successful ShopSnap partnership or become a ShopSnap Reseller by contacting us today.

All the features you need to start selling in a snap!


Make your ShopSnap store your own with built-in customizations, or hire us to build a one-of-a-kind ShopSnap store.
  • Customizable templates
  • Upload files & images
  • Adjust font appearance
  • Select custom colors


With rich Google snippets, customizable text, keywords and meta descriptions, your store has the ShopSnap advantage!
  • Automated SEO features
  • Google Analytics integrated
  • Blog with archive
  • Unlimited CMS pages


We are a fully hosted enterprise grade platform. Rest assure your business is safe with us!
  • SSL Certificats
  • PCI certified Cloud
  • Dedicated Data Vault
  • Protected 24/7/365
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