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ShopSnap was founded by a small team of engineers and designers, but more importantly, friends. We are passionate about making a mobile-friendly, scalable, easy-to-use online shopping platform that can be integrated quickly into end-to-end distribution, accounting, and inventory systems. We are having the most fun when we're making great software and making software great.

Mobile first

At ShopSnap, we took a mobile-first mentality when designing our ecommerce platform. We recognized that an increasing percentage of online shoppers and retailers are using their mobile devices to browse or admin online stores, so it made sense that ShopSnap look good and work well on smartphones and tablets for both shoppers and Admins.

Always innovating

Technology is always changing, so our software has to be ever-evolving. Our pledge to ShopSnap users is security and peace of mind that your data, and your shoppers information, are protected from the latest exploits. As well, we take pride in innovating the shopping experience at the front end, and the ease of building and managing our stores from the back end.

Immensely flexible

For us, it can't just work, it has to work well. It has to be smart. It has to be frictionless. We never stop improving so you get the best software we can make. That's why we offer one-page checkout; so shoppers don't have to think to buy. And we made ShopSnap easy to integrate so that adding ShopSnap to your existing solution makes it more comprehensive, covering you end to end.

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